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Thread: How are Photographs Judged?

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    Hello everyone!

    I am helping to organise some form of photography contest. I need to find out the usual workflow in which photographs are judged. Let's say there is a panel of judges, do they all use the same rubric and give scores according to some weighting and then add them up together, or can they instead just pick out a few photographs (shortlist) first before they do judging?

    I know it depends on many factors (which I myself am not sure what they are), but is there a most common way of judging? Anyone here helped out in committees that run photographic competitions before? Please enlighten me.

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    I think the organisers will short list the number of entries and keep doing so until there is a managable quanity before they bring in their panel of judges to do the final judging.

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    if there are too many prints.. there is normally an in out process before the actual judging....and during the actual judging day...the judges have to be briefed on judging qiteria and theme etc etc....

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    Take for example the Nikon Photo Competition that is judged in Japan, due to the huge amount of entries they go through several stages of selection. Photos are displayed out in prints on tables, a judge will then sort which ones are in and which ones are out and then the same batch is passed to another judge and the whole process repeats. Through a series of elimination, they cut down the number of entries until its small enough to be judged by the entire team.


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