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Thread: depression, any doctors to recomand

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    IMH is Institude of Mental Health. They have a 24 hour A&E services. Its located next to Woodbridge Hospital and Ren Ci Hospital in Buangkok.

    My suggestion is similar to others. Go to a polyclinic, let them access your friend and classify his condition according to DSM IV to know the severity of his condition. If he is not suicidal, a appointment can be arranged for either counselling or Drug therapy. If he is suicidal, go straight to the A&E for immediate treatment.

    Cheers and speedy recovery to your friend,
    Tuck Loong

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    Institute of Mental Health

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    Hmm, I would actually go against the grain and go straight to IMH. Why bother with the GP and the possibly emotionally straining experience when you have direct access to help?

    Also, if you friend is willing, don;t wait for the medical appointment to be over - try and set-up an appointment with a counsellor ASAP as it may take awhile to procure one.

    I may be wrong, but I find that psychiatrists are more medically inclined whereas counsellors lean more towards the emotional aspects. 2-prong approach.

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    how is your fren?

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    go to Ang Yong Guan psychiatry. Mount Eliz hosp. former SAF Chief MO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nisa
    how is your fren?
    getting better thanks, but still unstable at times

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    What's most important is you have to be at your friend's side showing care n concern...

    Your friend has to walk out of his/ her own problem, if not, no one can really help...

    Personally believe that in life, many will pass thru certain stage of depression, just depending on the seriousness of the problem causing the depression and how the person is going to handle/take it. (just sharing experience...)
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    Sometimes Depression isn;t something that one can overcome in one or two months. It may takes years, especially if the condition is particularly acute or chronic. I have personally seen cases where the depression and suicidal tendencies lasted years. What's important is that the person concerned WANTS to be helped, and is willing to seek continual help for him/herself.

    If medication is needed, then it should be taken according to the instructions, and not suka suka take or don;t take.

    Counselling, peer and family support, I feel, is a very great equation of what's needed for a helathy recovery.

    Also, sometimes, a person may find out things, or be made to face things that are not particularly pleasant. Some of these things may be beyond their control, yet it affects them negatively. Counselling and therapy is helpful in learning how to cope with this thing called 'life', and how to manage or come to terms with things that we cannot change.

    There are a lot of other issues, but these are not overwhelming, to consider, if you're helping your friend. If you're interested, you could start by contacting the SOS, the Care and Counselling Centre or any of the other professional centres and ask them to give you a little guidance regarding how you could help better. Or you could start doing research on your own. a lot of basic materials are out there.

    All the best.

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