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Thread: Mac Mini Issues : Help required

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    Default Mac Mini Issues : Help required

    Hi braders and sisters,

    I finally got my Mini up. I feel like a fish out of water using apple... guess the user friendliness has yet to hit me.

    Everything seems to be working except:
    1) For the Audio In (i.e. Mic) - Does apple use the same type? My PC one dose not seem to work.
    - Is there an application built-in like Window's Voice Recorder so that i can test the mic.

    2) I can use skype but can Yahoo or MSN messenger work?


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    Default Re: Mac Mini Issues : Help required

    1) Mic? Yeah should be the same standard plug in mic that you use for PC, make sure you attached it correctly. Me never try before tho'.

    2) Yes, there's Skype for Mac, for MSN/Yahoo/ICQ, you can use Adium, it's free.

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    Default Re: Mac Mini Issues : Help required

    1) Audio In is the same with the PC Microphone. Unfortunately, the input sounds very soft. You need to pass the signal through some amplifier to magnify it before you put it in.

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    Default Re: Mac Mini Issues : Help required

    Thanks guys.

    Now i m worried, cos the mic works on my PC but not on the Mini. I will try another mic tomo and if it still dun work....

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    Default Re: Mac Mini Issues : Help required

    I'm assuming this is a new Mac mini? Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. make sure mics is plugged into the 'mic-in' not 'headphones' jack

    2. Open System Preferences>Sound>Input and select the correct one when the mic is plugged in.

    3. There should be a Voice Over/Recorder application that comes with Quicktime. Look inside your 'Applications' folder. If not then use the one in iMovie.

    4. Take advantage of the Spotlight function (shortcut: cmd + space) to search in your finder



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