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Thread: Portable digital storage... which brands are good?

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    Default Portable digital storage... which brands are good?

    Hey guys...

    i own 2x 1Gb CF cards to use with my D70... somehow always seem to run out of memory during events/holidays... so decided to get one of those portable photo backup devices...
    almost forgot... have 2.5" Hdd already... so just need the shell.... although i wouldn't mind getting a HDD with it if the deal is good...

    I think some examples are Vosonic, X-drive, Giga-one, Archos, Epson p-2000.... but i know there are a lot out there... just wanted to know what people are using and whether they are good before committing.

    Just some questions...

    1) should i get one with or w/o an LCD for review... which ones actually allow me to review NEF/CRW2 files should i copy them into the device. I've heard that the battery life drops tremendously with the LCD ones... how gd/bad is the battery life like?

    2)Which brands are reliable, have good user interface and fast copying speed? Basically, which ones do the job well... i'm looking to either get one from SLS or BnS forum here... (can also include the rough cost when u put down the model? that would help a lot... thanks)

    3) some of those devices actually support firmware upgrade... is this good or bad? how does that supposedly improve the performance?

    Sorry for the longwinded post... just wanted to address some queries... thanks for your replies in advance....

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