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    Running some test shots on Urban areas at night. Avoiding the CBD area because it's a tad overdone. I'm trying out less-used styles of night photography. I'm thinking of doing some serious night photography as a personal project soon. So just practicing for the moment. CnC appreciated.

    I like this rooftop, but I only managed to shoot it in passing as I was busy with something else. I'll probably come back to clean up some issues I have with the angle and other nitty gritties. You can let me know what you think though of it at present.
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    looks like there's 3 subjects, hdb, the roof, the trees plus 1 distraction - all the other stuff.
    More of that sliding roof-top would be cool.

    Not sure what less-used style of photography U're trying to accomplish, care to elaborate? Honestly looks like a cellphone-camera snapshot...

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    Heh i suppose the reason why you think it looks like a cellphone camera snapshot is because of the grain. Yes it is purposefully done at high ISO to achieve high levels of luminance noise. I think possibly film might be a better idea for what I want to achieve here because the grain characteristics tend to look a lot better than digital noise.

    I'm still considering the best composition for this scene because this certainly isn't the best, but I'm thinking more about the overall feel of the image. I'm intending to redo it anyway at a time when lighting is more opportune. I guess if it feels like a cellphone camera "snapshot" then it didn't work.
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