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Thread: Possible to go overland from SG to Canada/States?

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    Default Re: Possible to go overland from SG to Canada/States?

    Quote Originally Posted by behyx
    No actually i haven't seen the documentary. That's what i gathered from the discovery channel website given by haagen dazs.

    So sad
    haha its quite interesting. If got re-run, try to catch it. They explored whats possible and whats not. Technology wise, possible but $$$ plays an important part.

    Here's some of the rest of the series.
    Transatlantic Tunnel
    Sky City

    Alaskian King Crab!
    Deadliest Catch

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    Default Re: Possible to go overland from SG to Canada/States?

    Great useful tips Boro There are just so many points to kick-start a proposal. Im sure it will be a really thick proposal due to the scale and complexity of this trip.

    Time is not that much of an issue. I'm a freelance photographer, i'm in control of my time. However to make it such a long trip, it will take a minimum of 4mths as what u suggested (or even up to a year if i want to go all the way to Cape Horn, the Southern-most point of South America). The earliest time i can go is probably Mid 2007, as i have confirmed assignments right up to early next year.

    Quote Originally Posted by boroangel
    Thats a splendid idea...or handphone companies or mobile services providers to prove that their handphones or mobile services can be connected anywhere in the world...

    I was just thinking...for your route...if u have minimal stops...and most of the tiem you are on the road, tains or buses or cars...then 4 to 6 months can cover liao? And dont need that much money? Although that might defeat the the purpose as you would proably haev to stay like 2 to 4 days at a ceratin location to shoot the landscapes or culture and architecture these are also things you have to consider.

    If you are really serious about doing this and willing to forego your job or take no pay leave for long periods of time to do this...I suggest we CSers help u to come up with points to put in your proposal. If you have a really decent proposal (anytime more than a 20 page report) and presentation of the places etc, I think many companies might be interested.

    Why dont we start with a list of points to include and anyone can add on to the list:

    1. Detailed description of the route to take (nice map and route drawn)
    2. List the countries you are gonna cover with brief description of each country.
    3. List the cities or towns you will pass through with detailed description especially of the more off beaten track places.(Remember to include some pictures)
    4. Transport you will take through the route. Dunno if it will be good to list out the different possible transport alternatives(cheap ones) from one place to the other. Include things like projected travelling time for each mode of transport from one place to the other, costs etc.
    5. How many days u gonna spend at each place? Justify it
    6. What you gonna shoot at each place? Justify it
    7. Other activities you might wanna include during the adventure
    8. Why the company should sponsor you.
    9. Prove to show that you are capable of handling the trip.

    Of cos after the list gets longer you can try to organise it better and break them up into different sections and aspects. Hope you make it.

    Just one thing to add. Although your route looks attractive but stopping in the middle of the States gives a 'there but not there yet kind of feeling'you know what i mean. Now if you can extend it and go down from the States all the way to South America till the southern most tip of South America (theres this town there...which I saw on a travel documentary where it always experience lots of typhoons etc cos of the different wind masses, one coming from the Atlantic side and the other from the African side and they are all pushed to meet at the TIP, which is the southern most point)...then it would be even more special. Hmmm...think the other more well travelled CSers can give you more input...

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    Default Re: Possible to go overland from SG to Canada/States?

    Bering strait crossing is technically possible, but not financially or politically viable. Professor T.Y.Lin (who passed away a few years back) has a complete design for such a bridge. But not built due to low expected usage and the two governments being 'careful'.

    Similarly, a super bridge was proposed and completely designed for the Strait of Gibraltar by Prof Lin.

    I should know, I work in the company that he founded.

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