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Thread: Puppy for sale....:(

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    Originally posted by lavenderlilz

    yup having animals is a wonderful thing - its unconditional love u get from them
    Totally agree.... kekeke

    a proud owner of a 4 months old white min Schnauzer... just simply love every moment...

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    No offence in my this thread.

    Mr.Big, i feel that your offer of a free puppy is, sorry to say, absurd. Yes, money probably cannot buy your love for the puppy, i agree, and i certainly hope so. But pls do understand that my friend is still a student, and she, i guess, paid for the puppy out of her own pocket. We students, do not really earn alot like you all, i guess, all are working personnel. My friend does have alot of love for the puppy, but it's just that due to time constrains and space constrain, she cannot allow the puppy to be happy. Thus, she had to make the decision to sell it away.

    Having a pet is definitely an enjoyable thing. Like lavender said, you get unconditional love from them.

    Pls all, do understand that it's not that my friend does not want to give the puppy away, but as students, we still have alot of things to buy for our studies and such.

    And finally mr.big, i wld suggest that you source around for someone who wld give you a puppy or a dog. My friend, for one, would definitely not give her dog to someone who keeps on proclaiming that he can love the dog alot and wants to pay it with his love as said.

    having said that, i guess i wld be suggesting to my friend to keep the dog and we'll see what we can do from there.


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    A decision is made by the owner to own a dog and now she is regreting it.
    It sounds to me that she is not willing to sacrify for this little puppy(rather than no time/space). Maltese doesn't need alot of space, they do need alot of time to maintain/play. Time can be manage. giving/selling him away is just an easy way out.

    Even if she wants to give it to me, I would rather she try to take care of him. I am sure after she made that little bit of sacrifies for him, she will grow to love him and will never have the tot of selling/giving him away after that.

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    As I've mentioned, a pet gives u unconditional love but you also have learn to give something back to it ie what is right which is to give it the love, time & whatever sacrifice back.

    And loving it means sacrificing time & money for it. Time to play, bathe, take it to the vet & teach it. Money for food & vet bills.

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    Originally posted by Stevick_Lee

    Hey Tofuman, tot u juz sold ur cam, maybe u can switch to a new hobby like dogs. Join me, me have two dogs(Shih Tzus) and they are juz bags of joy. Buy!
    Hehe, no thanks, I only like hot-dogs... steam, boiled, grill, deep fried, pan fried, yum yum...

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