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    hi all,

    i am planning a 3D/2N trip to genting/kl in either early may or mid/end july. wanna avoid the hols. hopefully to stay a day night in Genting and a day night in KL. of course and also to try the luxury coaches.

    can anyone advise me on which travel agency to engage? and the rates? and the "extra" charges going to incur? coz i dun wanna get "cheated"

    thanks in advance!

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    there are lots of travel agencies at golden landmark, most of them are reasonable considering the number of competitors there.

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    Try transtar, just come out from the lavender MRT, won't be wronged.

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    Y so bother??? just online book hotel ,kl / genting just select where u want to live... then buy decent bus tiket then GO GO GO!!! bring the map ... (when at kl)...

    all the way easy walking...
    well ??

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    flip open ur yellow pages buying guide. turn to travel agencies.
    call them

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    thanks thanks. i found out from other forums. it seems transtar, grassland and five stars are the best. want to go genting taking those very nice luxury coaches.

    got tv, big personal seats, even got massaging chairs or something.


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