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Thread: Should you be heartless to a girl?

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    If it is true love, no matter what happened....... nothing can keep them apart

    What am I toking abt............I am still SINGLE

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    Default Re: Should you be heartless to a girl?

    Going to leave in a few months time? Think it's going to be tough... wouldn't have time to build up a good foundation for the relationship before taking it LDR. They can keep it touch and see how it develops from there, but I should think committing now would be a mistake. Of course, if your friend is the happy go lucky type then he might commit now and see how it works out lor.

    LDR isn't easy... needs lots of commitment. If your fren the type very easily tempted one then might as well forget it.

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    true love is fine and dandy, but bear in mind the environment plays a great part in shaping a person's character. odds are he will change once he settles into his routine overseas, meet new people, discover new interests, experiences, mindset etc.

    and with one in singapore, one overseas, the couple cant evolve together or at the same pace, they're likely to grow apart, true love previously or not. even calling and talking every day isnt likely to help much, since the one overseas 'compromises' the quality of his life there. 'oh i cant go out tonite, gotta call my xxxx at xxxxpm lol'

    these calls will eventually feel like iron clad obligations and the issue will slowly breed resentment, especially when the girl/guy starts asking why he/she isnt calling as much / not talking as long / never stick to 'call schedule' and the list goes on.

    then it moves on to 'who u go out with', 'why u never pick up' type arguments hohoho especially since in reality, both the guy and the girl IS likely to be out on a 'date' anyway!

    mebbe im just a cynic LOL

    my tongue-in-cheek 2 cents worth.

    if it's true love, you'll eventually hook up again after the temporary hiatus. those are the ones to cherish :-)


    Quote Originally Posted by boroangel
    I have a frd and there is this gal whos very much in love with him...and he also has the same good feelings for her...thing is this frd will be going abroad to work in a few months time...and might even be there permanently. In view of this he told this gal that they should both calm down and rethink before it all gets out of hands...and right now they are really at the crossroads...and this guy is worried that if they go ahead its gonna be lots of heartache for both in a few months time...

    Should he just stop this pending relationship ASAP?

    Pity them leh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffle
    thinking too much becos of this thread and terrorising their boyfriends by asking them qns like "dear ah, if one of us have to go overseas, what will u do? will u still love me dearly? WILL YOU? WILL YOU HUH?"

    then cry lor.

    Totally disagree with it... coz MANY girls are not irrational... duh!

    Anyway.. for my other female friends who ARE still maintaining long D relationship, things are actually rather fine for them. Cite one eg... they're apart for about 7 years already - but relationship still going strong... One good way to solve the communication problem is of coz to use technology now... online svcs and webcams etc.. During the long holidays either the girl will fly over or the guy can fly over to spend time together. They're still going fine really. Currently the guy like no intention of returning to Spore.. decided to get a job there in UK.. so they'll be apart for a while longer before she decided to go and be with him perhaps later.

    YAY.. so its not that bad afterall... and it CAN WORK!

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