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Thread: Choosing new digital still cam

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    Default Choosing new digital still cam


    After using my Canon A40 for past 2yrs, it's time to change to a smaller lighter cam...

    My budget is less than $400...
    Besides Sony S600, anyone can suggest something similar to this cam?
    2" LCD display
    not necessary high CCD pixel (something more than 3mega pixels should be enough for me)
    must be using conventional AA or AAA batteries.
    Video caPture with sound

    Thanks for any suggestion

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    Default Re: Choosing new digital still cam

    Either Canon A430 or Nikon Coolpix L3. I like the Coolpix L3, available in white, blue, grey or silver.

    2.0" 85K pixel LCD, 5.1MP, uses SD card & 2 x AA batteries. It has the 3 usual very useful features. (1) D-Lighting (2) In camera red eye fix (3) Face priority AF. Price is only $340 with a 256mb SD card & case.
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