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Thread: Suggestion - Buy & Sell thread

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    Just an observation in ClubSnap's Buy & Sell forum:

    - sellers treat the place as an auction site
    - unofficial auctions do not have a closing time/date
    - why put a low price if your reserve is so high, and you wont sell it at the low price anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michhy
    Just an observation in ClubSnap's Buy & Sell forum:

    - sellers treat the place as an auction site
    - unofficial auctions do not have a closing time/date
    - why put a low price if your reserve is so high, and you wont sell it at the low price anyway?

    Well, it is due to the fact they wanted to attract people to "Fight" to bid. They are trying to emulate the ebay effect where people actually starts from $1 until it reaches the appropriate pricing.

    However, unlike people in Ebay, some people here has no ethics. For example, I had once bided for a Minolta 24-105mm Successfully for $350, as it already reaches his reserved price and the bid reaches the closing date. But on the day of collection itself (ok, been communication with the seller and agreed on the collection date and time) about 30mins before the collection, I recevied a SMS stating he would not sell it as he realised he has some sentimential value and wanted to continue to use the lens.. bla bla bla .....

    Ok, I guess, I would not force him. I told him No problem. The next day, using the same nick he put another sale for the same lens and quoted a higher reserved price, then put there someone had already bidded at $350 and wanted more for the lens. This is when I get really flared up and give him a piece of my mind over his Buy and Sell thread and "withdraw" my bid...... I got a PM from the moderator to "settle the problem privately, but he would not remove my posting as it is highly relevent".

    The problem lies mainly with the ethics of some people here. Take another already deregistered member for example. When some one puts up an item for sale which he has interest, he would put up a price that is so ridiculous it is laughable something like $23.45 for a Nikon 85mm lens, however, when he put up things he wanted to sell, he would put up a ridiculous pricing, like S$65 for a "free gift" quality tripod or S$299 for a zoom lens that is on sale at $99 NEW and put phrases "Do not put up ridiculous bid price as it reflect the state of your mind".

    Then there is members who are out to "Con" newbies, not delibrately (maybe), where he put pricing above the price of a new item. There is one recently who is selling a lens for a ridiculous price, but would be attractive to Newbies who does not know the differences between different lenses yet as the newbies does not know a Mirror lens at that focal range does not cost that much. Also there are members who describe their items as 10/10 just to be shown as items that does not worth it's scrapping value. An example would be a sale of a 35mm lens someone wanted to sell me, citing it as 10/10. But when I went to collect it, it has 4 very very deep cuts right in the centre of the lens that consitute a # shape. When I told him about that defect, he just say "oh, that, don't worry, it would not affect your picture". Obviously, he already know of the defect. When I asked him "Do you know how I know where to find the faults", his face changes and asked "Are you a photographer", I just smiled. It was then he take back his lens and I walked off. Few days later, his item shows up in ebay, still saying it is in PERFECT condition, I know it is him because he uses the same nick. There are other stories, but I shall not elaborate.

    Of course I would say there are gentlemen here in CS, a few which I met are pretty gentlemen.

    The current system favours the seller too much and leave no protection from the buyer. The sellers can use the loopholes to CON other members, leaving a bad name to CS and it is their rules and regulation that favors them.

    Maybe CS would consider lifting ban where putting the price of a NEW item is allowed by other members. Not the price of "Person X is selling at this price, so can you sell it at this price?", but the price of a NEW item that is sold in shops. The buyer should be careful, true, but it does not mean the seller should be using the loop holes to make profits. There should not be regulation for other members to help newbies trying to buy things.

    Putting a Start bid price, Reserved price, Buy it now price and Date of closes. Either one or more of these items should be put in. For example,

    Putting a Reserved Price and the Date of closes will ensure the seller sells his item at least at the minimum price he is willing to sell, if there are higher bids before the closing date, then the seller can opt to sell it to the highest bidder or otherwise. This will elimate things such as "Oh, there are no reserved price, when I see the price is what I desire, I will sell". This is as good as trying to keep the buyers in suspension in bid to push up the price. Of course the seller can opt to sell it to potential buyer who bid less then the reserved price if he desire as it is still his item after all.
    (No start bid price is required for his as there is after all a reserved price)

    The Buy it now price will be as it state, once someone put down the price at buy it now, the seller would close his sale and sell it to the potential buyer, even if there is another person trying to pay more for the item.

    Closing Date without reserve price or buy it now price, Start Bid price would be crucial. Once the closing date reaches, even if it is at $1 (if he is intelligent or bold enough to put his start bid at $1) he has to sell it. This effectively protects the buyer from having to wait indefinately as there might be other offer for the buyer which he does not dare to accept as he has already bidded for this item.

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    That's the ugly part we hope we would not encounter too often.

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    sorry to hear about your experience, BlurBlock.
    Must have been sour... thanks for sharing.

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    there are alot of "chao kuan" ppl also lah.

    for example the value of the item is $1,000.
    the seller states start bid from $500.

    there will be some ppl who either do not understand English or wanna try their luck.
    go bid at a riduculous $200.

    can still tell u, call me at this number for a quick deal or tell u i collect immediately.
    with this kinda price, they think the seller will sell meh?


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    Someitmes I find it hard to figure out if the price is a minimum price or the buy now price. But most of my experience so far is good.

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    There are many instances where such people do exist in B&S. That's why to avoid all these conflicts, best to pay more and buy NEW.
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    But the thing is, to some... we need to hunt for bargains and it does help on the pockets when you get some good deals (which I have so far for all my deals... thanks again guys)

    Hopefully, the rating system will help to weed out the problematic ones and someone can help track them down even when they try a new nick.
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