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Thread: remembering the settings for picture

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    Default remembering the settings for picture

    Hi guys,

    since I'm so new in this forum, I was just wondering how you guys remember the settings for the pictures that you take so clearly. Like the shutter speed, aperture or whatever other manual settings that you use. Does your cameras remember all these settings for you or is there a special way that you guys remember it?


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    Default There are some mothods.....


    Just to enlighten you on this......

    There are some ways that people do it....
    1- For digital cameras, there is normally the EXIF format embedded to the image taken by the camera. THis values are accessible to the image viewer softwares.

    2- For Film SLR, there are quite anumber SLR made by the major makers like NIKON... which have functions to store the exposure settings.(As an example - I'm speaking for myself a minolta user....for minolta for example the Dynax 7 does have a memory capability to store image exposure settings for 7 rolls of film. The index number will be printed on the front part of the film.The info are also viewable through selection on the LCD panel at the back - These features should be found on the DIGITAL SLR....

    3- Lastly the manual method.....write it down on a paper.

    Once you have taken photographs for a while, you will see that with the lens that you have, normally "you" will have atendency to use the same lens and settings. It will repeat again for the similar type of image. This is especially so if you are using the program mode.

    From the program mode, some people use it as a benchmark to play with the aperture priority and the shutter priority.
    ope this hlps..



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