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Thread: FX01 Review

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    so did any one found the origianl lumix leather casing?? there's a hard casing too..

    the rest are here®&displayTab=A

    since there's a lcd problem.. better protect it well.. should be just over 20 bucks right?

    Also.. what colour do you have?? think silver and black pretty popular.. i got a white one btw
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    mine's a pink one.

    didn't manage to find the original lumix leather casing in SLS the other day.
    did saw the hard case though, but i'm unsure if its for the fx 01, coz it seems a little bit big.

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    pink! cool!!
    actually just went to AMK and bought the hardcase.. yeah it looks big but fits the camera nicely.. middle compartment is for camera.. the rest for cards and notes bah.. but phew! At least I feel safer for my cam now!! and btw it's 24 bucks
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    how much is the hard case?

    before i got a proper casing for my camera (not the one that comes with it), i felt quite scared of putting it in my bag.

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    highlighted in red.. hehe! hmmm that guy told me it's the last one though.. but i guess there's plenty at SLS.. work below 24 loh!!

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