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    Anyone know where to get one? And how much?

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    Need to special order from Japan. That time I wrote to Sunpak Japan and they told me to order thru CP.
    Had done it a few years back costing $200+ almost $300.

    Let me know if you gonna do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oeyvind
    Anyone know where to get one? And how much?
    B&H is your best bet. Locally, Cathay is the agent but they don't bring these in anymore, though I am sure you can 'request' them to.

    BTW, the head is useless without the high voltage nicad pack since 4 AAs won't recharge the flash that quickly. Whilst simple in design and without a juice gauge, the pack is very low cost and recycles the flash at full power in around 1.5 secs.

    So I'd strongly suggest you buy the head + battery pack set.

    You should, if possible, use an RC hobby charger for the nicad battery pack. The slow charger that comes with it needs a timer to be safe. To use a high speed charger, you'd need to remove the diode in the charging path.
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