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Thread: Large-sized prints?

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    Default Large-sized prints?

    Hi, I'd like to know where in S'pore, and for how much I can get prints of 8R or larger? 'Regular' vs archival quality prints.


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    Try Kim Tian at Hong Lim Complex. I just did 9 prints of S8R for $2.20 each.

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    Not sure about archival quality. But you can definitely get large prints from Fotohub. Check out for locations

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    Most chemical prints are decent in terms of longevity. However, even the most common "archive" prints using Fuji Crystal Archive pales (pun intended ) in comparison to those of ink jet archival prints. If you look at this page, Fuji Archival on a Frontier 370 (item 4) last for 40 years under their testing condition. Under the same testing condition, prints on Epson R1800 with PGPP last 104 years!

    If you want to have archival prints, you need to check what kind of inks and printer being used.

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    Hmm, yeah I guess the printer, paper media and inks matter.. otherwise I'm not sure how Kim Tian can survive by charging just S$2.20 per 8R compared to Fotohub's S$5.50.

    Kim Tian's any good?

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks folks!


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