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Thread: Canon 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4 for walkabout?

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    Default Re: Canon 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4 for walkabout?

    Hi all,

    Appreciate your responses so far. I'm now thinking of lenses I never thought of before....

    Anyway, as an aside, Oracle, don't worry, once I decide which Canon lens I want, I'll definitely turn to you -- I've been looking at the good prices you offer for the lenses for some time now!

    Also, I forgot to mention, I'm using a 350D, so I realise that 85mm would be long on my camera. But you see, I'm a bit shy about going close to my subjects....because they tend to freeze and look away and then I lose my shot. So I like to keep my distance. By the way, if you're wondering why I'm thinking of primes, it's because after weeks and weeks of research, it seems that primes give the sharpest images. (I'd like to hear your opinions on this.) My kit lens is sharp only when stopped down to the extent that the bokeh isn't nice anymore, and in low light/indoors it's even tougher to get a sharp shot. I know there are good zooms out there, but I can't afford them right now. Maybe in a few months....

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    Default Re: Canon 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4 for walkabout?

    Same here. I bought a 100/2 recently. I find that fast tele zooms are expensive n heavy n big so the alternative is fast tele prime for me. Dont worry about sharpness u wont see any difference between prime and zoom unless u zoom in 100%.

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    Default Re: Canon 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4 for walkabout?

    Quote Originally Posted by happyham
    May I know where you got it and for how much?
    Got it from my friend at a special price of $350 which is a few months back. Now new one selling at around $600.
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