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Thread: V for vandetta (spoilers...)

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    Hello guys,

    Anyone have watched this movie? I find the theme is mm..unusual, but it is actually quite good direction and is a movie with message, but what is that message? i seem confused ha.

    Anyone read the original comic, by the way, it mentions that what the mask 'V' wearing is..but i don't understand, is that a famous mask? it just remind me the Phantom of the opera, that guy will leave a rose too..right?

    It is a subtle political story.. but really, 'V' is a terrorist, right? No matter what, but the movie reallys tell what michael moore had mentioned in his movie, how the tv media covers up, spread fear.. and how public get influenced by tv.. but i can't really help to think 'V' is a mm..maniac. ha.

    Welcome you for discussion.
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    Default Re: V for vandetta (spoilers...)

    Brilliant movie

    As for the character V supposed to resurrect is Guy Fawkes, click here for further reading abt Fawkes.

    Interestingly that this movie is shown just before our general election. It kind of reflects the state of apathy we have towards politics. V in the movie was trying to bring down his nation's facist tyrant, by stirring the people's emotion living under a totalitarian state.

    For those who are out to watch an action flick

    3 cheers for the great performance by Hugo Weaving and the bald Natalie Portman (Queen Amadala in StarWars)

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    ha, just find out the 'V' is 'mr Smith' in matrix ha.
    Even under a smiling mask, 'V' stand out.


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