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Thread: My very 1st : Sandcastle

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    Hi all,
    *I am super newbie. This is my 1st post ever. I am with FZ20 and nothing else, cos I dont know what else I need. hehe*

    Share with me your comments please. Eager to learn.

    Thank you very nice,

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    will be better if you didnt cut off the right side and have a better constrast!

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    I ever tried one of these when my friend built a sandcastle. I go real low to take an upwards view of one of the "towers" and backdrop the sky. Makes the sand castle look very majestic and real. haha.

    Just my 2cents for you to try. hehe.

    Tuan Lin

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I am in my 'adaptive' state. Sucking all the good and throw the bad ones.
    Nonetheless, I'm learning. Still.


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