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Thread: No more "No Photography" rule in Esplanade?

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    Thumbs up No more "No Photography" rule in Esplanade?


    Just been to the Esplanade for a concert yesterday and realized something -- that there are no longer signboards prohibiting photography/videography.

    Installation artwork is still there, and people are happily snapping away. Security is there, but they did nothing. Photography appears to be allowed at the rooftop terrace now as well, even saw people with tripods.

    Only place with a "No Camera" sign is the Jendela exhibition hall, and the performance venues like the Concert Hall/Theatre, etc.

    Hope it continues this way.


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    maybe now a month after opening they are
    more confident of themselves and not so
    "kan cheong"

    thanks for the info

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    Speaking of which, the guards are f***ing rude. *still steamed with a previous encounter that has nothing to do with photography* Should've kicked a f***ing big fuss back then.


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