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Thread: Not sure what to shoot next..

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopefulphoto
    Don't take the wrong way, but I see shooting as an outlet. I can grab my camera and escape from everything else that's going awry in my life. I couldn't bare to take a break from it. I'm only a youngin' when it comes to photography. I can't say I'm very experienced as some of those on this board but I'm just starting out and I would appreciate the support and encouragement when it comes to what to shoot next and not receive a lecture.
    Oh no, no, please don't view it that way. We are not here to give lectures but more of encouragement. I feel that you might have tire yourself out by shooting too much and like what you have experience it becomes really depressing. Using photography as an outlet is fine but it is not just about pressing the shutter release. Look at the beautiful things around you, if you don't find any beauty, then find the beauty in the thing that we see each day, it is not just about shooting but appreciating what is given to us.

    The initial phase might involve shooting a bit more to get to know the equipment, after that you should progress to a stage where seeing becomes more important and then using what is most suitable to create the picture you want. You definitely have our moral support.

    I shot this yesterday evening with just a Coolpix 2100. I don't think you can get this effect with a DSLR. The flowers in the foreground are growing among some grass and they are barely 15cm tall. I literally put the Coolpix in their midst and took a few shots.

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    I think the better way is let your eye do the creativity, and let your mind flow. Trying to force a picture out of your mind will result in throw-aways usually...

    The equipment can only bring you so far - the rest of the photographic journey is done by you.

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