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Thread: MSU 2006 Roadshow

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    Default MSU 2006 Roadshow

    Hey guys

    Maybe you will be interested.

    18th March 2006, 11am (Sat)

    Bishan Junction 8, Level 2 Atrium

    The chance to meet the finalist of Miss Singapore Universe 2006.

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    Default Re: MSU 2006 Roadshow

    1 of the contestant by the Name of Jeanette Wee is from Charby group of model..

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    Default Re: MSU 2006 Roadshow

    Hi Folks,

    Is there any catwalk or just a roadshow..?


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    well, not so sure...but the event suppose to be from 11 to 3... should at least have something lor..

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    it is a catwalk, veri chio, for at least 10 of them, post pix later


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