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Thread: Macro ring Flash for Canon S2 IS

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    Hi everyone. I am new to digital photography and hope somebody can help me out...
    I recently bought a Canon S2 IS about a couple of mths back. the main purpose of the camera was to take close-up/macro clinical photos of the teeth and oral environment(i am a dentist). I choose this camera because of its supposed good macro features and i do not want to spend $3000++ on a complete DSLR system.
    But after using it in the clinic, i find that the macro is quite good but ... the lighting is insufficient and i need to add at least a ring flash to it.
    i have found out that canon has a Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX but i am not sure that this flash can attached to the my camera (even with the Lens Adapter Hood set LAH DC-20). can someone pls advise me on how to proceed ands what options are available to me?

    Thanks ppl

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    Default Re: Macro ring Flash for Canon S2 IS

    you can't use the ring flash on the digicams. however you can use an SpeedLite (430EX/580EX) with a hotshoe cord. this way you can position the speedlite to illuminate the subject. you may also have to rig up some kind of reflector to adequately light the subject from all sides, depending on your working distance and so on. Can also consider those $25 slave flashes to be triggered by your main SpeedLite.

    another way is to use an ST-E2 which will allow you to use multiple SpeedLites.


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