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Thread: Nikon D200 and MB-200 Pics..anybody has ?

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    Default Nikon D200 and MB-200 Pics..anybody has ?


    Anybody has bought a Nikon D200 *and* MB-200 vertical grip ? How much did you pay for each ? Gray or regular ? And can you post the pics of your DSLR and MB-200 Grip ?

    I would like to see how the grip is - in a manner similar to the F5 or similar to the grip for F6. (Oh and I know F5 didn't have a grip. The F5 didn't have command dials when shooting vertically.

    Please don't post anything off-topic. I am not interested in a review of the features of the D200 - tons all over the place.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    Default Re: Nikon D200 and MB-200 Pics..anybody has ?

    Closing the thread. Possibly wrong channel to post. Posting in Nikon Forum in a while.


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