hi everybody, i'm new here. am perplexed by the new sp-350 digi cam that i just bought.
according to the manual, i can do video recording at 640x480 at SHQ (super high quality mode i think) at 30fps, time limited only by memory card.
I am using a 1-gig olympus card.
i am perplexed because at other modes of recording, the recording is based on memory card capacity, whic is fine.
but when i tried recording at 30 fps at 640x480 SHQ mode, though the time left for recording is 8 mins plus, i can at most do 20 sec clips.
the manual says otherwise, and searching the olympus website and other sites yield no answers.
any advise on this? apologies for this long first post. but it reallt perplexes me so.