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    Lightbulb about iTrader

    ..wanna ask opion form CS-ers,
    just an example, If I wanna sell a superb NIkon lens 70-200mm VR f2.8 at $1200,
    some one feel enthusiastic, and after lots of PM-s with me,
    then we have deal and agreement at $1000 for the lens.
    The buyer can hardly wait for that lens.
    suddenly I said that DEAL CANCELLED !
    with my apologies to the buyer, my reason to cancel the deal is because a close friend of mine wants to borrow my 70-200mm VR f2.8 lens and I have no choise.
    Do you think I deserve bad negative mark for my bad attitude in iTrader feedback?

    ** I don't have 70-200mm VR lens, and If I have one, I won't sell it at $1000. It's just an example only.
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    depends on how u put it in ur post. if u put "Seller reserves the right not to proceed the sale" or "Seller's decision is final" or something like that, you shd be ok. if the buyer still kick up a fuss, then it's way uncool of him/her....

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    Default Re: about iTrader

    If u feel guilty about the issue, then probably u deserve it.


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