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    Hi, I'm a newbie to photography. Would actually like to take up some basic photography course. Currently, I found two. First is the one offered by SLCC and the other is by PSS. Any advice on which one to enrol for? Has anyone taken the course offered by PSS before? Thank you.

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    its way cooler to learn online and from frens
    then you can label yourself as a self taught amateur

    most comments by frens who are disappointed by frens teaching and go and take up course usually say they cram too much stuff in one hour .. heh oh well your mileage might vary..

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    I think both are ok. Just find one that suits your timing and pocket.

    Ask questions and read about it by searching on the web.

    Finally, shoot and shoot till you get to know your cam well. Show your pics to your teacher to get their comments. They are usually very, very helpful.

    All the best.
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