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Thread: which combination should i go?

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    Default which combination should i go?

    pls advise me on which combination should i go with? thank.
    option 1 =FM3A+17-35mm+scanner LS4000ED ($7838)
    option 2 =D100+17-35mm ($7776)
    option 3 =F100+17-35mm+Scanner LS4000ED ($8988)

    # pls take note that i alway travel to remote area for shooting.

    question 1- which option will give me better image quality? interm of colour, sharpness, contrast. dynamic rage.
    question 2- which option will depreciate less over 5 years.
    question 3- if i go for option 2, is there any other thing i need to purchase. like extra cf card, batteries.

    other suggestion of combination r welcome too.

    thank you.

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    Personally, I would get the FM3A and some wide angle primes like 20mm f/2.8 and 24mm f/2. I would also add a short telephoto for portraits, maybe an 85mm f/2 or even a 105mm f/2.5 if you can find it. But that's just my preference
    Given that you're running around remote areas it might be good to have a camera that functions without batteries so the FM3A is a good choice.


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    I will go for option 1

    1. Manual Cam(almost)
    2. Easier to carry
    3. Not so easily spotted(3rd hand)

    option 2
    you need the extra batt and since if you are in a remote aea, might not have the external power supply to charge the batt. (I guess that your deffination of remote is those ulu ulu places).
    You'll need at least a 1GB storage or a 512MB + Image tanks cos as in the case of remote, might stay for a few days and then no space in the media to store the pics.


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    hmmm.... your prices seem a bit high, allow me to re-price for you

    Individual pricing:-
    D100 ~ S$3600 (possibly cheaper now)
    F100 ~ S$2050
    FM3A ~ S$1035
    Coolscan LS4000ED - S$2200
    17-35mm f/2.8 - $2,900

    My questions to you:-
    1. Is there a reason why u chose the LS4000ED over the LS-IV? Coolscan LS-IV is S$1100.
    2. Is this setup meant for taking landscapes?

    Answers to YOUR questions:-
    1. This will depend largely on what kind of film you use. Digital may give you slightly better dynamic range, but for landscapes, may lose out in ultimate sharpness against a good fine-grained film.
    2. Very subjective, won't attempt to answer. Typically though, digital will depreciate faster.
    3. Yes, need microdrives, portable storage devices, extra batts. D100 batts last quite long so may only need a couple.

    Based on your budget (which I gather is around $8-9K), you can actually buy the following kit, which covers both film and digital:-
    17-35mm f2.8
    1GB MicroDrive (est S$300)
    extra battery for D100 (est S$200)
    Coolscan LS-IV

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    if your going for the fm3a, then I suggest dumping the large and heavy AFS lens and get

    1) 35mm f2.8 prime
    2) 20mm f2.8 prime (or 16mm if you like)

    this combination would save you thousands, and it is also smaller and lighter....
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    Option 1 looks kind of odd - AFS lens with a MF body. Seems like u have the budget for all of the above. I personally think that digital is likely to depreciate far faster. Like PCs, there will be a better resolution and newer model out every year. You did not say what sort of photo work you want to do with system. Very focused on equipment.


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