That is very detailed.. Tks.. In which case, I may decide to stay in Macau the night before the flight.. Can lut some jackpot also

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Last year i went, its about this price too. But i just buy 1 way and on the way back i buy again. Ferry cost approx HKD$145-$165 for a 1 way trip. You can use the savings to buy a night or 2 hotel stay at Macau.

If you're taking the Tiger route,

You have to note the time of your return trip if you're not staying at Macau. You have to leave your hotel much earlier and must know the ferry timings in advance.

HKG side customs and ferry waiting time is approx 30mins-1 hr. (U want to be early for your ferry, not late)
Ferry ride is approx 1 hr.
Macau side customs is approx 30 mins.
Taxi ride to Macau international Airport is approx 15-20mins.
Plus you have to be there at least 1.5-2 hrs in advance for your flight.

So you need approx 4-5 hrs to get to Macau airport from HKG and this is excluding travelling time in HKG side. If your flight departs 12noon, early morning you have to leave your hotel. Thats why i think its a good idea to stay at Macau for a day or 2.