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    Hi All,

    I am a new to the line of imaging. I am a desktop engineer by occupation.
    I have been rather interested recently to get into the photography line
    just as a hobby. Those kinda professional types. but, what do i look up for
    when starting. i can get a not so pro one first... but not something bad.. lol

    Kindly advise what should i get to start with .
    I have seen Sony, Canon, Nikon


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    IMHO, as a Canon user I would recommend a 350D or the latest 30D. Check the Canon thread for more info.Simpler cam would be the PowerShot S80 or S2 IS

    Nikon's not too bad too.

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    i would suggest a 2nd hand oly e300 (check B&S .. i think there's a thread selling the e300 kit at 850 ... amazing quality at a very affordable price ..)

    or go for the e500 kit of the new e330 .. might be easier cos it has live preview ...


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