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Thread: Introduction of DikkieD

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    Default Introduction of DikkieD

    Guess it's kinda good to introduce myself properly. I'm DikkieD from The Netherlands. I was browsing these forums for quite some time now, and missed the 'Search' option . But since I have visited Singapore a couple of times (and of course enjoyed it, and am planning to move over there and I will be there in august 2006 for a week's visit), I thought it would be good to reg. myself..

    Anyways, I was looking for the prices of some camera's, hoping in buying one @ funan.

    Nice to be here!

    DikkieD (which of course is just a nick )
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    Default Re: Introduction of DikkieD

    Welcome to ClubSnap, DD!
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    Default Re: Introduction of DikkieD

    Welcome to CS and Singapore.


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