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    Just a shot while i was plodding along botanic gardens a while back.
    F90x Iso 200 film
    Lens used Sigma 400mm F5.6 prime lens.

    Comments welcome. Do let me know how to improve? thanks.
    Sorry if i have posted in the wrong section.
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    Doesn't look sharp to me. The depth of field is not shallow enough causing the background to be distracting. This is what I read from Hardwarezone photography guide.

    Juz my humble comments because I am still new to photography.

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    Try a slower shutter speed next time to show motion - the subject is too rigid and still

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    this pic will be much more nicer if a bird or butterfly is on it.

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    Thanks for the comments.
    Will try to improve the next time round.
    Guess need to read up more and see the pictures posted.


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