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Thread: Sony Vaio TX for Photoshop

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    Default Sony Vaio TX for Photoshop

    Do u think the new Sony Vaio TX is good for some basic CS2 work?

    This notebook is damn chio, small and light. Thinking of getting it for storage of photo files during travel and some basic CS2 processing. Also to use it for presentation.

    Also, not sure if this notebook and be hooked up to an external LCD with 1920X1200 resolution.

    Actually I was waiting for the new intel PowerMac but that 15" is too heavy for travel.

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    the main selling point is the weight. I think you decide to buy, just up the ram to max. The TX should be able to handle CS2 alright.
    Screenwise it's quite decent - definitely cannot compare to the bigger bro like A/FE/FJ or even S series in terms of colour IMO
    for travelling, you wouldn't want the 15" macbookpro. It's way too heavy - I am lugging my Sony S58GP to beijing on lowerpro computrekker with some lenses and body, and can feel the weight is there already (and it's only a 1.9kg lappie). I think 1kg or thereabout laptop's weight for travelling would be the best.
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