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    comments please

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    The framing doesn't work for me, my eyes tend to shift towards the paper instead of the boy's face which from your title should be the main focal point.

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    and the pencil too. i was there last year, the people are so interesting and obliging for pictures, of course unless they are tsunami victims then do ask first. surely you didn't get just one photo? any of the landscape? the sunsets and beaches are beautiful, hope you have some of those.
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    1) The boy's expression is awkward, almost like he is reacting to to your camera beside him.
    2) In this case, the boy's face also look a tad dark. His eyes and expressions hence do not grab my attention. Perhaps you can try lighten up the midtones a bit.
    3) His face also looks distorted. This should be because of the lens and also the angle. I.e. the boy's face is at the side of the lens where there is the most distortion.
    4) The tilt and the composition also do not seem to serve much purpose. The lack of neck space and head space makes the point of sight very stifled.


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    There's too much interaction between the photographer/viewer & the boy.


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