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Thread: Nikon F80

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    Originally posted by kanekoichi
    yeah would definately agree that F100 is a much better camera then the F80..

    but then again (in my own humble opinon), it's better to get better lens first and an ok body to start with...

    would definately recommand the 80 - 200 f2.8 anytime...

    my personal F80 still serving me well.

    and as many have stated.. it's the person me the len that makes the difference

    just my 2 worth
    yup F80 still as good ; for most occasion.

    someone told me F5 the night focusing is not as good as F100, and very $$$$

    F100 is my main arsenal now ... mainly i used to for human photography ... you will notice F80 will be slow in some acts ... unless your lens is quite fast ...

    F80 is light .. suitable for ladies .. F100 is a monster ... suitable for people who dun mind carrying weights

    but F80 to F100 doesn't require much skill set change since most of the functions are the same ... except F100 will push your skills further ..

    in term of cost , F100 support AA, if you buy F80 the default battery compartment is using CR123. may have to get battery pack to support AA but no vertical shoots .. F100 battery pack support vertical shoot ( $300 ++ )

    F100 uses battery power faster than F80 ...

    lastly F80 built in flash is good for lazy people who dun like to carry SB-XX ( flashunit ) ... F100 do not have built in flash .. so have to carry a flash unit at night. F80 built in flash works just as well

    a bit fragile for F80 users so please get a good casing ... F80 body is nicer ( silver colour if you can get one !! ) F100 dun have silver colour ...

    in all i like F100 motor engine ... fast !! my sigma 28 to 300mm works very well in the motor show ... at least my friends like all the fotos taken ... if you hog that lens to F80 , it will going a slow lens ...

    and yes F100 is less noisy !! good for animal shoots ..

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    Originally posted by MingGuan
    Oophs, sorry guys, last few comments, I promise.


    (a) If you have decide to buy the 28-100, then a better choice would be AF Nikkor 20mm instead of 24mm. The slight wider angle from 28 to 24 is not significant.

    The difference between a 28 and 24 is a World of Difference. 24 will find more uses than the 20... but its a matter of personal style Galen Rowell liked the 24, DeWitt Jones likes the 20.

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