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    Sunrise captured last week. Need some critiques and comments to help me to improve. Thanks.

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    Is it the photo or is it my monitor (viewing it on an notebook LCD)...I see too much shadows on the foreground, leaving me trying to make out the foreground and can't fully enjoy the sunrise.

    Sunrise/sunset shots are never easy to take due to the huge dynamic range involved. Try getting a ND graduated filter and play with it. Use a telephoto lens and see how it changes the perspective.

    The position of the sun: either put it right smack in the middle or move it further off-centre. Try the rule-of-thirds. Looking forward to your next try!
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    Lightbulb Re: New Day...New Hope...New Beginning...

    I would agree that there is quite a lot of shadows in the foreground, nice job though!

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    Thanks for all the constructive comments and pointing out my weakness. I will be more careful and try to take better pics in the future.


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