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Thread: Need advise on Colours

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    Default Need advise on Colours

    would like pro here to advise me on how to PS good colours.

    usually I use auto AWB with bounce flash but the colours I get from my 10D just don't turn out like what the expert has in here.

    I do some saturation but their colours are simply nice!

    can anyone give me tips?
    Canon 5D MKII, 70D, 24-105mm F4 L, 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM, 70-200mm L f2.8 IS USM, 60mm Macro

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    Default Re: Need advise on Colours

    I would suggest shooting in RAW for greater control over your photos. I nv really trust the in-camera white balance adjustments.

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    Default Re: Need advise on Colours

    try using levels (in levels, move the black and white arrows towards the centre so that they touch or slightly cut into the histogram), and maybe increase the contrast slightly using the contrast adjustment or curve adjustment...


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