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Thread: waist pouch for my FZ5

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    Default waist pouch for my FZ5

    Hi brothers,

    Do anyone of you use waist pouch to carry ur camera? If yes, is there any suggestion? I am looking for a waist pouch for my Lumix FZ5. Intend to carry it wherever i go, so that i can shoot anything nice i see wherever i m.
    Also, when i go to work, i just need to put it inside my shoulder bag.
    Better a nice design, chio one. so that i can wear to during shopping too.
    Any suggestion? seems like lowepro, domke, crumpler all dun have ler.. go sport connection also can't find.

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    Default Re: waist pouch for my FZ5

    can try putting it in a cooler bag? there's v few padded waist pouch tt can fit FZ5.

    i may like 2 look 4 a modular cam bag from World Traveller at Paragon, i hav a Tatonka
    (i did not buy from there but seems like oni there got Tatonka) tt may do d job. its abt $40+/-.

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    Default Re: waist pouch for my FZ5

    Hi sORe-EyEz,

    Thanks for your info. really appreciate it. will go there see see look look after work.


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