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Thread: First try on Still life......

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    Default First try on Still life......

    Hi all,
    Newbie, trying some lighting technics for still life......
    Please give constructive comment on lightings....

    Thank You

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    Default Re: First try on Still life......

    err u need advice on layout as well?

    anyway, i see dust on your canvas, big one. and on the bottom pic, either you make the canvas more messy, or u make it silky smooth.

    top composition abit off, something went out the corner... lighting wise, the centre chili was off target. its indicative that the effect was done using 1 light source from the left. hence the plate have 1 big missing part. in the end look like a tea pot base than a plate.

    bottom one, composition also abit off, and give ppl a weird feeling its not in the centre. samething, shadow was hush on the other side. there is 2 light source for this picture. and 1 is more powerful then the other. but either the flash you use is too narrow, or the angle is wrong.
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