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that's because your D70 and USB card reader are slow...causing a bottleneck

to minimize this bottleneck, u need a camera that can generated very large files in shortest time possible...eg. D2x, 1DsMKII, 1DMKII

For the second test, even firewire card readers are not fast enough, u need a 32-bit card bus reader
Not All Users r Using D2x, 1Dmk-IIn or 1DsMk-II, I myself do not see what is wrong using MD.

So testing with what ever DSLR they have is more appropriate in this case. Further more the main dominion market force is the mid & Low-range user (which consists of more than 80% over all), so best leaving Branded CF to the so highly self regarded "high end" user who always gives negative comments with Low cost product. No wonder Singaporean r more n more regarded as arrogant.

Ever one day I you could only afford is just a Digicam, you will understand what is the meaning as being humble is! 1D this 1D that .. Big Deal