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Thread: Portabel HDD storage device

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardo
    During the last IT Show in Singapore (March 2006) the price was 798 S$.
    Now I heard that it should be cheaper, but no precise data...

    For that kind of price now, might as well get this. Got larger screen and RAW preview some more! Can play MP3s and movies too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DikkieD
    Hmm, I think there are way too many crappy devices on the market nowadays. I've had that vosonic, and the device felt crappy. Besides the HD crashed a couple of times, the HD was brand new. Luckily for me I didn't have that much pictures onboard. But when I'm in Asia for 5 weeks, I wouldn't want to experience a HD crash with all my pics...

    I now have that apacer, and still I don't feel safe about it. I guess all these usb HD devices have bigger risks of problems. I have a HD 3,5 inch USB device, and that one also consumed two new maxtors in 6 months.

    I know am planning to get myself that Cowon Iaudio X5L, also USD OTG/HOST, hopefully that is a more reliable unit...
    Dude, harddisk crashing is usually a problem with the harddisk, not the Vosonic. My Vosonic has always worked fine. None of my other USB HDD casings has ever given me problems. I wonder why you have such bad luck with yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weekh
    I've considered get some of these devices but they just don't meet my expectation.

    So I've given up hope on them and am now considering using a labtop as the backup.
    A lappy with a 12" LCD that weighs less than 1.5kg seems to be a good choice.
    Can I ask in what way do they not meet your expectations ? I'm curious. A 1.5kg laptop is a far cry in terms of convenience, price, size, and weight from a 300g $200 portable storage device. Anyway, if the harddisk is gonna crash, it will still crash whether it is in a laptop or a USB device.

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