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Thread: wtb fz20

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    Default wtb fz20

    hi.i sort of need a camera right now.thinking of the fz20.anyone planning to part with include the following:
    1.memory cards
    2.lens hood.
    3.additional batt.

    do email me the inventory and the hoping to deal soon. thanks.

    p.s pls email me at karmede.s9(at)gmail(dot)com

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    U should go to buy & sell forum to look for it. There are a few CSers are selling.

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    Default Re: wtb fz20

    XuanHao has been trying to sell his Fz20..

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    Default Re: wtb fz20

    its been a long time since i last touch my FZ 20.. hehe.. THinking shall i sell it off.. hmm...


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