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Thread: Hypocrisy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhivachan
    I was browsing the thread , till the thread is closed. I think the thread is closed around 3-4AM. The last post is something like "It reached around 1000 hits". Nothing mentioned why the thread is closed?
    Isnt it obvious why the thread is closed?

    This is my gentle reminder to all members. This is not a playground for member personal attack. And I dont have mods who will monitor 24/7 for such things on forum.

    And learn to respect Admin and Mods decision. Once the thread is locked up, that means we want the case closed. Anyone who reopen the thread is considered abusing the trust we give to members on the forum features. For that reason I have de-registered the involved nick/person for that.

    I have a last warning to whoever feel they are smarter than the admin. Alot of times, I choose to trust that people are grown up and they are sensible enough to know when to stop. For anyone who abuse this trust and/or feel this forum is their playground, I wont need to think twice about banning such people.

    Last comment, this forum is setup for people to exchange knowledge about photography. If you have any issue about other people, try to talk it out among yourself. And take the personal stuffs outside this forum.

    PS : I am closing this thread to avoid any potential personal insult or flamewar.

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