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Citibank has recently moved their call centre to JB. I heard it's 5 times less expensive to operate out of JB than in Singapore.

And you can tell the difference when you call the operator. The line quality is horridly bad. It's unlike this if the call is within Singapore itself. There were breakups etc. This is using a land phone to call, not mobile phone.

When I spoke to a supervisor about this, I complained to him. He didn't deny nor admit that the call centre was in JB but he said he will take this feedback to a higher level.
Hmmm, I called Citibank's customer service line just recently. The line was crystal clear. (calling from a land line).
If it is true that their call center has been moved to JB, and at the same time Citibank is able to maintain their service quality, then there is no harm in doing so. I guess that we should not complain about it. Not to mention that (as far I know), American Express has their world-wide call center stationed in Kuala Lumpur.