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    Greetings, i understand that a ploarizing filter will help in creating a better photo. Can anyone recommend one? looking at this one..any price tips?
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    Firstly, get a circular polariser unless u're sure your camera can use a linear one.

    Secondly, unless you're very, and I mean very particular about quality, almost anyone from the reputable brands will do, like Hoya etc.

    I've even used a cheapo one from a no-brand Japanese company and it worked well!

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    If you have a few lenses of different thread size, get the circular polarizer of the biggest size. You can use step up ring for your smaller lenses. I would recommend B + W and Nikon circular polarizer if you want better quality. I wouldn't recommend getting linear polarizer if you are using auto focus camera.
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    thanks i will def do that, it looks like i need to amble down to the camera and spend some money


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