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    I just developed my slides (provia 100), 1 roll I forgot to push 1 stop so underexposed but had obvious bluish tint. the other roll I pushed 1 stop but had redish tint. Is the colour due to poor development, or film problem? only filter I used was UV HMC. can anyone advise?

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    where you develop at?
    Check out my wildlife pics at

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    I tried 35mm for the first time today, normally dev at balestier but there have to wait almost 1 week. but sob sob..... all my pics at the Duck Race down the drain, even pics of Diana Ser!

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    oh .. that was diana ser.. she looked familiar so i snapped 2 pics of her.

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    hhhmmm I realised its my lightbox that's the problem, checked my slides against table lamp and the pushed film is fine the not pushed one is def bluish but I guess due to underexposure.

    yep I wasn't sure if it was her too cuz she looks rather diff close up, was snapping the finishing line when she appeared right in front of me and covered for Channel i, but interestingly nobody really paid any attention to her.


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