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    Received comments on my other thread of the B&W shadow. This is another one shot at the same place with diffirent composition (slightly), in color, and with more shadows.

    Hope to hear from the critiques or comments as usual.


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    Default Re: Shadows II image per member per week lah...

    However, compared with your previous pic, I'll prefer the b&w one. Adding in colour somewhat takes away the interplay between the light and shadows.

    PS: Hope you won't repeat your mistake again!

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    Ops! One per week ah... ok. Sorry, my mistake.

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    Default Re: Shadows II

    b&w better. this color one like not 3 not 4.
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    depends much on how/what you want to present. grainy B&w for a cold, stark forbidden enclosed area with slits for light play. Or. Colour for an enclosed area with warm inviting inclinations.

    no such comparision as which is better. perhaps i'm feeling particularly positive right now so i prefer colour. on other negative times b&w would suit.

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    I prefer the other one because it's cleaner and more simple. This one has too much IMO.
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