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    After exploring around, found that Olympus C730Z still has the most value for money. I own the C2100 UZ, really really love it! But my younger brother is now looking for a camera of his own... so explored around for him. To me, feel that Optical Zoom is very important....and the more reasonable priced ones are 730 and also FujiFilm 2800z, but the latter is obsolete and replaced by S304 which costs $690 from AP, may as well get 730. Don't know any other with more than the average 3x zoom.

    But heard that C730 costs only $780....$30 more than C720....

    But also think SmartMedia card will also be obsolete soon, gonna be replaced by the more expensive xD picture card.... any idea how much they cost?

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    Smart-Media card will also be obsolete soon
    If the word soon is like in 10 years from now , well i will say that you worry for nothing ..
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    Originally posted by syncmaster
    If the word soon is like in 10 years from now , well i will say that you worry for nothing ..
    The word 'soon' probably around one or two years from now. But it will still be around, even obsolete. No need to worry.

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    why have two of the same? why not share two diff cameras?
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    Yeah..... have the intention to get a low end one for more frequent use.... was contemplating....hmm... Canon PowerShot A40.... understand it cost only $430 at AP.... 3x zoom, AA batts and have manual operation as well. Value for money!!!


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