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    Hi guys, I am new in this forum. Can anyone share with me where can i get my camera fix?

    I have tried Song Gallery but they said no worth to repair... But i think i wan to try to ask again for repair... Can anyone recommand me where can i do the repair?

    Sony Cyber Shot DSC-P10
    Not showing the view
    As in when turn on it show a black screen , not the image of the view infornt of the camera.
    LCD screen in working order

    If the camera really cannot be fix.. Any idea wat i can do with the camera? Any chance of getting some $$ back? Ie selling it as spare part or can just throw in the bin?

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    ur CCD is spoilt. not sure if its the same batch of Canon/Sony CCDs taht belonged to the faulty A70 group. why dont u email Sony tech support? get a 2nd opinion. at the same time, call them.

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    Any chance of selling it away for other as spare part? Where can i sell it?


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