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    The Foundation Photography Course is commencing on 11th April (Tues) 2006 at Tampines North Community Club which is a 5~7 mins walk from the Tampines MRT. It is a 10 session workshop with 2 field trips. The workshop comes with detailed handouts. Workshop duration is from 7:30pm~9:00pm.

    Course Syllabus
    Course Title: Foundation Photography Course
    No of Session(s): 1½ hrs per 10 sessions

    1st session- Introduction to Photography & types of camera Format.
    2nd session- Camera & Lens.
    3rd session- Types of Films & Lighting.
    4th session- Handling & Maintaining Photographic Equipment.
    5th session- Developing the Eye.
    6th session- Outing. (Field trip by day)
    7th session- The Art of Photography via Outing Pictures.
    8th session- Outing. (Field trip by night)
    9th session- The Art of Photography via Outing Pictures.
    10th session- The Perfect Print. (Case by case study of pictures)

    Medium of Instruction- Strictly in English
    Target Group- Above 14 years old
    No of Participants per Class- 15 Persons

    a) Participants must Develop & Process all films/digital taken at the session for Trainer’s reviewing proposes.
    b) Course fees do not include Films, Developing & Processing.

    Photography is, without doubt, one of the most rewarding pastimes we can have. Enjoyable, creative, stimulating and fun. It gives us the opportunity of putting our ideas into ‘print’ in a way that is both satisfying and artistic. The camera is like an artist’s palette. We are the artists.

    Even though this is a class of 15 participants, everything you learn, you learn by doing! All your work is individual. You learn by taking pictures.

    Here I taught photography as a practical skill, not as a theoretical course of study as I assume the participants have no prior knowledge or training before signing up for the course. The course starts with fundamentals and moves up to complete mastery of professional techniques in causal but carefully planned steps.

    The Foundation Photography Course will require participants to take lots of pictures. If this is call “work”, then…I work you hard.

    Absolutely! When you want to make professional-looking pictures for your own satisfaction…perhaps win prizes in competition or even see your work being published. Some of my ex-students pursue photography as a career- full-time or part time while keeping their day jobs.

    Course participants are required to own an SLR Analog/Digital camera or prepared to own one after the 1st session.

    Course Fee is S$120(member) S$120++(non-member). Interested participants kindly register at the CC's counter to confirm booking or contact CC at 67832900.

    Log on to
    followed by CC on-line, under Contact Info Search, keyed in 'Photography" & choose acordingly.

    Registration starts now

    Francis Lee
    Course endorsed by The National Art Council
    Mobile: 94796311

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