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Thread: Nikon 5700 vs Sony f707

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    Default Nikon 5700 vs Sony f707

    Hi guys

    would like ur opinions on the 2 cameras stated above . Being a newbie which would u recommend ?

    I m using to take moving objects - my aquarium .

    Currently using an olympus c180 n altho it has a 5.1 mp . I feel that the pics taken of my fish is not clear at all n it takes awhile to snap due to the focus time . By the time it snaps , i can only get the tail of the fish or blur pics.


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    Default Re: Nikon 5700 vs Sony f707

    both cameras r considered ancient. they're ok depending on ur requirements and r quite cheap 2nd hand. prosumers generally cant track moving subjects well, so dont expect too much an improvement(if at all) from this [upgrade]

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    Default Re: Nikon 5700 vs Sony f707

    I'd vote for my ex-5700. Sigh... great piece of camera.


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